I’m Ramon

Digital Marketing Expert. Helping your business drive ROI through Google Ads.

I'm a digital marketing expert with 4+ years experience in online marketing and spent over 1 year working as an agency account strategist at Google in Hamburg.

I've worked with many enterprise clients, hundreds of small/medium companies and marketing agencies helping them drive return on investment through Google Ads. Among others, I've worked with Discovery Channel, NCL Foundation, Sony Music, BetterYou and many other great brands.

I grew up in Germany. I've tried many jobs before I startet online marketing. I didn't know what I was really enjoying me after school. I worked in a call center for private health insurance, I tried sales in asset management at a private bank. After a long search I quit my job and wanted to work full-time in online-marketing.

I was ultimately hired by Google, where I spent over 1 year consulting agencys on their use of Google Ads strategies for their clients at Google in Hamburg, Germany. This role taught me the intricacies of the Google system, allowing me to apply these principles to my current clients, helping them achieve ROI-positive results at scale, on the network. I'm currently also the co-founder of JR Operating GmbH which developed e-commerce solutions.

Available services:

Google Ads strategy: Transferring business KPIs into actionable Google Ads strategy, campaign structures and optimization schedule.

Campaign Management: Google Ads campaign creation, management, optimization, A/B testing, and reporting.

Analytics & CRO: Building experiments based on conversion or brand metrics, conducting tests, and interpreting findings.

Individual Training: Training key client individuals on the Google Ads network and how to efficiently use it.

Group Trainings: Practical Group Trainings on the Google Ads network at your office.

YouTube Management: Account setup, channel management, optimization, video upload to your channel.

YouTube Ads: Reach 2 billion viewers each month. Transferring business KPIs into actionable YouTube Ads strategy.